Mighty Pipe


As the leader in manufacturing innovative manifold technology and accessories for more than two decades, Precise Equipment Company® has perfected the Mighty Pipe®, a lightweight five‐layer composite pipe (HDPE‐AL‐HDPE) designed specifically for the delivery of compressed gasses in both industrial and specialty gas applications. Mighty Pipe® bridges the gap between the manifold outlet and final station drop to create a durable, easy to install pipeline material.

Featuring an aluminum inner core, the Mighty Pipe® offers maximum strength, protection and durability even in the most extreme manufacturing environments. Whether installed indoors, underground or in the direct sunlight, PEC’s Mighty Pipe® is highly resistant. With a corrosion resistant finish, the polyethylene pipe is hygienic, toxin free, and protects against the growth of microorganisms, thus avoiding the risk of contamination.